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“I had the pleasure of photographing Mr. Jozwick with his two dogs Gracie and Bella at Glamour shots in the Freehold Raceway Mall. Both dogs were calm, patient, and totally focused throughout the duration of our photo session. Mr. Jozwick has done a stellar job in training his dogs. They were by far the most well-mannered furry clients we have had in the store. It was an absolute pleasure working with all three of them!

- Jamie Davidson

“Peter was very helpful in preparing my family when we adopted our Bernese/Doodle mix in 2021.  I had previously owned toy dogs, so this was a complete change for us. He helped us understand the backgrounds of these 2 breeds and how to help her mature into a calm and playful young adult.

- James Davis

“I adopted my first dog this past year and contacted Peter, as I have known him and his dogs for many years. I wanted to understand how to be a responsible dog owner, properly train my puppy and give him the best life possible. Becoming a dog dad was much easier with his assistance and coaching.

- Joseph Adams